Next-Trans Corporation was founded in July 2006 by Klang based entrepreneurs. They key personnel possess more than 3 decades of experience in the heavy transportation and heavy lifting activities. They have been extensively exposed to every part of the maritime, infrastructure, energy and oil & gas sectors mega projects.

Next-Trans Corporation was formed with an intention of providing a specialist service focusing on preventing problems and finding early solutions...

PLAN EARLY so that transportation and lifting facilities are incorporated in the design of the components, intended route, site layout and equipment is, adequate, economical and approved.

ENGINEER WELL so that all movements are done safely, in compliance with Authorities requirements and within structural limits of equipment to be used and components to be moved.

MANAGE EFFICIENTLY from start to finish, ensuring all is done according to the planning and engineering criteria to preempt and prevent possible problems.

With rapid development throughout Asia this company situated in Port Klang acts as a central location and offers its services not only to Malaysia but also to neighbouring countries.

It is beneficial to all parties to know what is required to move heavy and oversized components and that there will not be expensive delays or accidents. With this in mind Next-Trans Corporation further enhance its standing in providing unbiased neutral Planning-Engineering-Management Services to the Industry.

Next-Trans Corporation is backed by extensively experienced team of overseas heavylift specialist.

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